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An exclusive Talent platform for Sales Professionals and Enterprises to RISE, TRANSFORM & NETWORK globally.
OUR AI DRIVEN DIGITAL PLATFORM: An AI Driven Global Talent platform to source pre-qualified Sales Talent globally.
Our platform enables you to hire pre-qualified Sales Talent through our 5-step screening process that includes CV Screening, AI shortlisting tool, Video Resume, Assessment Test and Social profiling.
Discover top Sales Talent anywhere, easily. Once you discover, our Reach Candidate solutions will help you send highly personalized & targeted messages to candidates with higher rate of responses.
OUR ASSESSMENT TOOL: Our Assessment Tool will evaluate a candidate on Sales Skills, Personality (Behavioral Sales Competencies), Functional understanding of B2C Sales process, Customer Focus, Career Motivators, Self-Management, CRM, Business Acumen and Leadership Skills.
VIDEO RESUME: Our Video Resume tool will help you self-judge candidate video pitches and engages with job-seekers by sending a unique code to run a social media campaigns, marketing drives etc.
You can provide a candidate an entirely digital experience by conducting initial screen round through video pitches to understand the way they communicate, think, their choice of words, personality and understanding of business or domain. Save on Cost per hire and Time to Hire.
SOCIAL PROFILE: The first thing a recruiter does today is to go to a candidate’s social profile on sites LinkedIn or Twitter for reason like authenticating the information on CV matches what is mentioned on these sites, how they behave on these sites, are they connected well in their field, do they share insightful information, do you appear to be socially aware, have professionals and colleagues recommended you etc. This may have influence to decide on cultural fitment of a candidate.
CAMPUS CONNECT: Our campus hiring solutions helps clients to hire freshers from Tier I, II and III MBA colleges exclusively for Sales & Marketing roles. The platform will help you connect with campus talent who are keen on pursuing Sales & Marketing as a career. We have carefully identified these campuses based on the quality of students, location and placement records.
We provide Pre-qualified talent as all the students will go through our 5-step screening process that includes CV Screening, AI shortlisting tool, Video Resume, Assessment Test and Social profiling.
Organizations can post jobs that would reach the select campuses as per your choice and students can apply to these roles instantly or select the talent from our pre-qualified talent database from collages as per your choice.

Learning is a constant process of discovery – a process without an end – Bruce Lee
The only thing that is constant is change – Heraclitus
Change and Learning are key to Professional Growth. Explore the world class learning opportunities we offer through powerful learning platform with Online & Offline courses, Workshops, Podcasts and Webinars for Sales professionals through our partner Universities/Institutions/Professionals Globally.
We are an open source learning platform offering courses from our partners including Universities, Colleges and other diversified group of institutes/Professional organizations from across the globe. We provide flexible and affordable courses for self-learning, career advancement or to train your staff. You can choose from the wide variety of course options available through our partners globally.
SALES BLOG: Our Sales Blog is the Best Resource for Sales professionals to learn or share about Sales Strategies, Sales tips, Social Selling and some great content that will be useful in your professional learning.
NETWORKING PLATFORM: Engage with Sales professionals globally. A platform that Sales professionals can use to build professional contacts globally, connect with Recruiters to engage with organizations and expose yourself to industry viewpoints.
Businesses can use the platform to engage with passive talent and can brand themselves by sharing company culture, showcasing accomplishments, current updates and marketing. Encourage your Senior Leaders of the organization to be influencers and create positive image and share expert opinions. The platform will help in lead generation and identify opportunities.
SALES EVENTS: Our Sales Events platform allows Sales Professionals and Organization’s to be a part of Sales & Marketing Events/Conferences/Trade Shows happening globally. Event organizers can list their events for free, promote and provide online registration/ticketing facility. It’s a flexible online event/conference/trade shows registration and payment collection platform that will allow the organizers to reach a wider Sales & Marketing professionals and organizations globally.
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